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Music Therapy 101

Beat the Stress flyer
What is music therapy?
History of music therapy
Who seeks help from music therapists?
Who uses music therapy for treatment?
Theory and Implementation
Education and Training
Music Therapy Links
Case Studies
Beat Stress Flyer



Are you working at your job OR is your job WORKING you?

If so… then you need to


A FREE 6 week stress relieving seminar for OT’s and other allied health professionals suffering from stress and burnout.

This seminar will not only help you find alternative coping strategies utilizing music for stress and burnout, but it will also inform you about the various benefits of music therapy and how you can incorporate music into your treatment.

During this seminar you will learn:

 The basics of a few musical instruments such as piano, guitar and drums, and how they can be used to alleviate stress and anxiety, promote thought organization and maintain a positive emotional state.

 How music can be used to promote wholeness of the body, mind and soul.

 How music promotes normal growth and development

 How music can be used to promote psychosocial, behavioral, cognitive, language, fine and gross motor skills.

 How music therapy is used in various settings such as palliative care, pediatric, rehabilitation, psychiatry etc.

Please register by December 14, 2004